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Marcelles Carpentry : Fitting a simple shelf can give you a lot more storage space in your home or garage. The type of wall you have will determine the type of screws or bolts you need to use.

  • Plaster wall – screws or wall mates
  • Brick wall – Dyna bolts

The way to test a wall is to tap on it with your knuckles. Some plaster walls actually have brick behind them. If you tap of them and hear a hollow sound, there are timber studs behind, but if there’s a solid sound, and you will also feel the difference, there’ll be brick behind it.

If you have a plaster wall, you can use a stud finder to locate where the studs are.

Sometimes you can only find one stud where you need it, so where you can’t find a stud, but need one, use a wall mate and a screw.

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