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Marcelle's Building and Carpentry is a comprehensive carpentry business that focuses on residential construction with many procedures also applying to light commercial construction. The informative text provides detailed, heavily illustrated information about materials, tools, and processes, with many step-by-step procedures.

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About Marcelle

A female builder and carpenter in Melbourne

When you ask me to undertake your carpentry project you can be assured of a quality job with a quality outcome.

Marcelle appeared on Seven Sunrise – A female tradie in Melbourne following her dreams in a trade dominated by men

On Seven Sunrise, I appeared with the wonderful Sally Lidell from Right Connection Electrical on a segment about self-employed female tradies and how well we are doing in this competitive industry. Take a look! In addition, I was also featured in two of the biggest newspapers in Australia-The Age and Daily Mail Australia-where they tried to learn my day-to-day activities and how much I earn as a Lady Tradie in Melbourne.

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No Problems, How's This?

Top 5 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Carpenter

What Are Your Qualifications? Did You Do An Apprenticeship?

To work as a carpenter in Victoria, you are not required to have done a 4 year
apprenticeship. Some who claim to be carpenters are only self-taught handymen. The
majority of carpentry work involves structural work and knowledge of the Building Code of Australia. It's s not worth the risk to trust it to someone who doesn't have proper training.

Do You Have Public Liability And Personal Accident Insurance?

Having public liability and personal accident insurance shows a tradesperson is serious about their business. Having these insurances ensures that if any accidents or damage occurs to either the contractor, yourself or your house, you will be covered.

Do You Clean Up After Your Work Is Done?

There is nothing worse than being left with sawdust, timber offcuts and random nails scattered about, even if your carpenter has done a good job with the work required. Cleaning up and not leaving your client with a mess should be part of the entire project.

Do You Have A Current Copy Of The National Construction Code And
The Timber Framing Manual?

These 2 manuals outline the Australian Standards for residential building including the
standards for all foundations (stumps, slabs), wall frames, bathrooms, fire resistance,
sustainability and health and amenity. These manuals are updated each year and must be adhered to in doing any form of residential building work. A carpenter who has this information takes their trade seriously and your project seriously.

Will You Provide Referees For Me To Contact About Your Work History?

Previous clients are a great way to get some background information on how your prospective carpenter is like to deal with and what the quality of their work is like. It's also a perfect
opportunity for you to ask any specific questions you may have about your particular project. A reliable carpenter should easily be able to provide you with the contact details of three previous clients.

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