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How to Change a Door Handle

Fitting new door handles can give your home a simple styling enhancement and doing it is pretty straight forward.

The first thing you need to do is check the type of hole that was used to fit your existing handles. This will save you having to re-do any drilling.

This door has a 54mm diameter hole which is standard for the majority of door handles available today.

Take your cordless drill or phillips head screwdriver and undo the screws of the handle first, then remove the latch. You can now take both handles and the latch off.

With the new handle, fit them using the same tool in this order:

  • Insert the latch into place and then the outside handle, then the inside handle.
  • Check that it turns properly
  • Change of the striker plate that is screwed to the door jamb.
  • Close the door just to double check that everything works properly.

And you’re done!

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